Jan 252013

The end of a double rainbow is right on our apartment building. This photo was taken last fall.

Juri is already back in Florida.  I am also following him.  To recap, my last days were a combination of still making new acquaintances, packing, feeling sad, and nostalgic.  Somebody mentioned that they are sure I feel good about returning home.  It is true.  At the same time leaving is bittersweet. I will miss Tartu, my colleague Hele Everaus, friends and other colleagues, the University, the lab members…my trips to Tallinn.

I realize as I look at my blog that I had not shown you our Tartu home. When I got here, I was given a rug

Anu Raud showing us our completed rug.  Beautiful!!

Anu Raud showing us our completed rug. Beautiful!!

that I had ordered from Anu Raud about a year ago, before I knew about the Fulbright.  Anu is a well-known weaver and artist in Estonia.  (The link is to a blog about Anu. The second half  of the blog is written in English).   Anu’s work hangs at the United Nations and a rug woven by Anu was given as a gift to Queen Elizabeth when the Queen visited Estonia a couple of years back. Anu is an exceptionally talented person.  I first met her several years back and have visited her country farm where she raises her own sheep. The wool rug that I ordered is based on Estonian folk art and we put it up in our living room during our stay.  We will have it up in our living room back home.  The small, one bedroom, apartment was warm and nice to return to from our many walks outside- especially when we had sub-zero temperatures.  It was comfortably furnished.  The various previous renters had added different touches to the apartment, some of which I liked that brightened up the place.  I leave as others before me with new additions to the kitchen and bedroom which the next renter I hope will enjoy. The occupants before me had been a pair of ballet dancers and had hung ribbons and butterflies on the curtains.  These I left for us and will pass on to the next Fulbrighter, a person who will be in the Department of Economics at TÜ.  He and I have been in touch, although we have never met personally. I recommended this apartment to him. So he will be moving in soon.  I told him to expect a surprise in terms of decorations from the previous renters.

My blog will be ending with this post.  I hope you have enjoyed them, as much as I have enjoyed writing them and sharing my experiences and thoughts with you. Thank you for your comments and for my knowing you were there. I finished packing my six suitcases, most of them half-filled with books!  A driver took me to Tallinn to the airport.  He picked me up at 2 AM to pack up the car and to get us there for 5AM.  As we drove the 150 miles, we noticed how the temperature was rapidly dropping.  I read that it eventually went down to -28 degrees celsius (-18.4 Farenheit)  by morning.  To think in Florida, it is probably +28 degrees (82.4 F)!  My flight left at 6:35 AM to Munich for the transatlantic leg to IAD and then onto TPA. I left our apartment as it looked when we had entered it last August.  I shut the door , taking my belongings and a lot of memories with me, and say good-bye.

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