Jun 022012

Aerial view onto Tallinn and the Baltic Sea.

Welcome to my blog!

Above image is a view of Tallinn from a previous trip, as one flies into Estonia.   I hope a similar view of a nice summer’s day greets me at the end of this July…  with the blue of the Baltic Sea in the background and in the foreground, the red roofs of the buildings in the Old Town built in the middle ages. Tallinn is the gateway to Estonia.

I am preparing for my 6-month sabbatical to do research on a Fulbright Research and Teaching Award at Tartu University which is a two hours drive southeast of Tallinn in the interior of this small country.   I will be in Tartu until February.  I am sure that I will have much to relate to you on this blog.  I am looking forward to the adventure. Join me in August for further posts and leave me comments!

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  7 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Suur aitäh, Kersti! Head reisu – jälgime Sinu blog’i suure huviga. Väino ja Leeni.

  2. Väino, saadan tervisi teie tuttavale heameelega!. Kersti

  3. Kallis Kersti ja Juri:
    Teie olete minu palves, ja head ja onnelikku reisi.

  4. August 11, 2012,

    Hi Kersti,

    I am enjoying readuing your blog. I am being educated about Estonia. looks beautiful in the parts you hve visited so far.

    Best Wishes,


  5. Saime alles nüüd Sinu huvitavat logi lugeda ja ootame edaspidiseid uudiseid. Meil on siin Floridas kuumalaine, iga päev 91° F (33° C)
    Soovime Sulle jõudu Sinu teaduslikule tööle.
    Endel ja Malle

  6. Wish I were there!

  7. Vaga nauditav kirjutis koos kaunite vaadetega. Tartu on nii meeldiv!
    Aire ja Villu Connecticutist

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